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From 2004 to 2011, JISC has supported eight completed programmes of work focussed on digitisation and digital content- two phases of their mass digitisation programme (2004-6, 2007-9), Enriching Digital Resources (2008-9), two phase of the JISC / NEH Transatlantic Digitisation Collaboration Grants (2008-9), the eContent Programme (2009-11), Islamic Studies (2009-11), two phases of the Developing Community Content programme (2010-11), Clustering and Enhancement (2011) and Rapid Digitisation (2011)

Prior to this JISC ran specific digitisation programmes, such as the JISC Image Digitisation Initiative, but more often had digitisation projects embedded in programmes with broader aims. The definition of what defines a digitisation project is blurred at the edges but usually involves projects creating digital material from analogue collections.

This data has been compiled by Alastair Dunning

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