- the world's largest database of freely-licensed library records


The beta test environment for LibLime's new cataloging service, ‡, is now available!

‡ is a subscription-based, hosted version of the open-source ‡biblios metadata editor that we released earlier this year. In addition to the editor, ‡ includes some extended community features such as integrated real-time chat, forums, and private messaging.

‡ also provides access to the world's largest database of freely-licensed library records. The database will be freely available to ‡ subscribers and non-subscribers alike via Z39.50, OAI, and direct download.

Furthermore, the database itself will be maintained by ‡ users similar to the way that Wikipedia's database is maintained by users.


Through the ‡ network, you can share your record creations with the rest of the ‡ community, under the terms of the Open Data Commons, which ensures that anyone may freely use, modify and share your records.

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