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DBpedia Portuguese is being constructed by a working group to internationalize DBpedia to the Lusosphere.

We are actively collaborating with the DBpedia Internationalization Team to include knowledge from the Portuguese Language Wikipedia into DBpedia. As a first step, we have performed a preliminary extraction (available at http://pt.dbpedia.org) and are editing several mappings and labels to the DBpedia Ontology. The activity is organized via the mailing list dbpedia-portuguese@lists.sourceforge.net


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Fusha Vlera
Burimi http://pt.dbpedia.org
Autor Pablo Mendes
Versioni 0.1
Ndryshuar së fundmi Korrik 30, 2016, 07:48 (Etc/UTC)
U krijua Qershor 28, 2011, 10:33 (Etc/UTC)
links:dbpedia 365839
namespace http://pt.dbpedia.org/resource/
sparql_graph_name http://pt.dbpedia.org
triples 24607332
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