BP Review of World Energy

Data contained

Oil/gas/coal/nuclear/hydroelectricity Production and consumption statistics by: country fuel sub-type

Oil prices "Spot crude" 1861-2008 Gas prices 1985-2008 Coal prices 1990-2008

Fuel stocks

Oil refinery capacities, throughputs, utilization, margins

Oil/gas trade / imports / exports between world regions


Statistics published in this Review are taken from government sources and published data. No use is made of confidential information obtained by BP in the course of its business.


Publishers are welcome to quote from this Review provided that they attribute the source to BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2009. However, where extensive reproduction of tables and/or charts is planned, permission must first be obtained from: The Editor BP Statistical Review of World Energy BP p.l.c. 1 St James’s Square London SW1Y 4PD UK sr@bp.com The redistribution or reproduction of data whose source is Platts is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from Platts.

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