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Since the Platform came to life back in March 2005 its members have worked on more than 200 commitments covering a very wide range of activities, including actions in key fields such as consumer information, including labelling; education; physical activity promotion; Marketing, advertising targeting children, labelling and product reformulation – i.e. the process during which the recipe for a product high in unhealthy substances (e.g. sugar, salt) is altered in order to make the product healthier. All initiatives including monitoring information are presented in the Platform commitments database.


No bulk download. Material is available via a search interface at:

All records can be accessed by highlighting all fields in all boxes and specifying no keywords. (Total of 185 actions as of 2009-04-30.)

Fields include:

  • Actor name
  • Action number
  • Platform member
  • Time of action
  • Geographical coverage of the action
  • Main type of activity
  • Title
  • Brief description of the action
  • Target audience
  • Development of the action
  • Relevance
  • Overall objectives


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