RADARSAT Ortho-rectified Mosaic of Canada, Lambert Conformal Conic, 750 Metres

The development of the RADARSAT-1 Ortho-rectified Mosaic of Canada was initiated to provide a unique synoptic view of Canada using data acquired from Canada's first Earth Observation Satellite, launched in November of 1995. It celebrates the fact that RADARSAT-1 has reached and passed its five year design life in orbit. The satellite continues to deliver imagery that has been proven effective in a wide range of applications including ice reconnaissance, disaster management, oceanography and agriculture. This digital product has been developed at a number of scales (technically pixel spacing) to allow a variety of users the ability to download and use this data.

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Поље Вредност
Извор http://geogratis/geogratis/en/option/select.do?id=973F2C10-C8A7-BDE0-E167-D75D2B477E39
Аутор Government of Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
Одржава Government of Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Earth Sciences Sector, Data Management and Dissemination Branch
Last Updated October 10, 2013, 23:21 (Etc/UTC)
Креирано December 15, 2011, 19:11 (Etc/UTC)
department Natural Resources Canada
level_of_government Federal
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