In FANTOM4, an international collaborative research project, we collected a wide range of genome-scale data, including 24 million mRNA 5'-reads (CAGE tags) and microarray expression profiles along a differentiation time course of the human THP-1 cell line and under 52 systematic siRNA perturbations. In addition, data regarding chromatin status derived from ChIP-chip to elucidate the transcriptional regulatory interactions are included. Here we present these data to the research community as an integrated web resource.

The FANTOM consortium is an international collaborative research project initiated and organized by the RIKEN Omics Science Center. In earlier FANTOM efforts we cloned and annotated 103,000 full-length cDNAs from mouse and distributed them to researchers throughout the world. FANTOM1-3 focused on identifying the transcribed components of mammalian cells. This work improved estimates of the total number of genes and their alternative transcript isoforms in both human and mouse, expanded gene families, and revealed that a large fraction of the transcriptome is non-coding. In addition, with the development of Cap Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE) FANTOM3 could map a large fraction of transcription start sites and revise our models of promoter structure. This updated web resource provides the previous FANTOM results mapped to current genome builds and presents the results of FANTOM4.


Kawaji H, Severin JM, Lizio M, Waterhouse AM, Katayama S, Irvine KM, Hume DA, Forrest ARR, Suzuki H, Carninci P, Hayashizaki Y, Daub CO., "The FANTOM Web Resource: from mammalian transcriptional landscape to its dynamic regulation", Genome Biology. 2009, 10:R40


Data is downloadable but not single file -- rather a directory which would need to be crawled: . Data directory does seem standardly laid out and mainly xls and dot files.

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