Geogratis - Landsat 5 TM Data over Major Canadian Cities Collection

The images in this dataset cover areas approximately 185 km by 185 km and are centred primarily on 17 major Canadian cities. These are: Calgary, Charlottetown, Edmonton, Fredericton, Halifax, Iqaluit, Montreal, Ottawa, Québec, Regina, St. John's, Saskatoon, Toronto, Victoria/Vancouver, Whitehorse, Winnipeg and Yellowknife. Landsat 5 imagery is available in either full resolution, binary flat raster BSQ or TIFF format. The images were collected over a five-year period from July 1984 to September 1989.

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Författare Government of Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Centre for Remote Sensing
Förvaltare Government of Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Centre for Topographic Information (Sherbrooke)
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