Detta är en gammal version av detta dataset, redigerad vid Oktober 27, 2009, 19:02. Den kan skilja sig markant från den senaste versionen.

Published in 2009, was a Linked Data rendering in RDFa of the Library of Congress' Thesaurus for Graphic Materials. It is now an early example of a linked data set that has been permanently removed from the Web, since it has been superceded by the U.S. Library of Congress' own Thesaurus for Graphic Materials, now provided as part of the Library of Congress's linked data services. was unpublished in 2012.

This page provides a brief VoiD description of the dataset and its relationship to the equivalent information at, expressed in RDFa. In addition, this site provides a specific mapping of resources from to as a VoiD linkset. Both the VoiD dataset and linkset descriptions can be retrieved through content negotiation in a variety of linked data formats (i.e., in either RDF/XML, Turtle, or N-Triples.) GET requests for concept resources are redirected as 301 Moved Permanently to the equivalent resource at GET requests for any other resources that were part of the original site are returned as 410 Gone.

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