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  • Transparenzdatenbank Agrarsubventionen Austria

    This dataset contains scraped data from transparenzdatenbank.at for agrarian subsidies in Austria.
  • eu-terminology

    About Excellent tool for following the same terms of EU-speak from language to language. Openness Not open. See the copyright page: Reproduction and/or use of all or any part...
  • european-court-of-auditors

    European Union audit reports. Searchable by year, theme and text.
  • European Commission Expert Groups

    Data on European Commission expert groups and their membership, scraped from the Register of Commission expert groups and other similar entities...
  • eu-intellectual-property-on-plant-varieties

    database over intellectual property on plants by EU plant variety agency
  • eu-historical-archives

    European Union historical archives.
  • eu-fisheries-fleet-register

    The Community Fishing Fleet Register, commonly called "Fleet Register", a tool of the Common Fisheries Policy. The Fleet Register is a database where all the fishing vessels...
  • eu-contracts

    Overview linking to sites supposedly giving access to beneficiaries of public grants. Often badly or not at all linked to actual beneficiaries.
  • eu-agencies

    List of links to all EU agencies, including contact detail and in some cases legal basis.
  • cosmetics database cosing

    CosIng is the European Commission database with information on cosmetic ingredients contained in the "Cosmetics Directive" 76/768/EEC. Includes scientific evaluation on chemical...
  • circa workspace

    Filesharing database European Union institutions and stakeholders or interest organisations. Partially password protected.
  • API for European Union legislation

    This is an application programming interface (API) that opens up core EU legislative data for further use. The interface uses JSON, meaning that you have easy to use...
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