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Fixed telephone subscriptions (per 100 people)

it.mlt.main.p2 | files 2 | 3MB
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Repeaters, primary, male (% of male enrollment) | files 2 | 2MB
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Merchandise trade (% of GDP) | files 2 | 3MB
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Annual freshwater withdrawals, total (billion cubic meters)

er.h2o.fwtl.k3 | files 2 | 104kB
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Annual freshwater withdrawals refer to total water withdrawals, not counting evaporation losses from storage basins. Withdrawals also include water from desalination plants in countries where they are a significant source. Withdrawals can exceed 100 percent of total renewable resources where explore more

Births attended by skilled health staff (% of total)

sh.sta.brtc.zs | files 2 | 586kB
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