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Example Aggregation on UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

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This is an example Data Package to demonstrate how data transforms work. In this example, we explain how aggregation can be done before data package gets rendered in showcase page. It assumes publisher is already familiar with Data Packages and views specifications (views property in Data Package explore more

Vega Graph Spec Tutorial - US presidents

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This is an example dataset, that demonstrates how to build visualizations using the "Vega Graph Spec". We are using lifelines of the first 5 presidents of the US - one of the examples from vega editor - and displaying it here, on DataHub with small modifications in vega-spec. Views We assume that explore more

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Gross Domestic Product of the United States (US GDP)

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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States (US) both nominal and real on an annual and quarterly basis. Annual data is provided since 1930 and quarterly data since 1947. Both total GDP (levels) and annualized percentage change in GDP are provided. Both levels and changes are available both explore more

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UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

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UK Real GDP since 1948 from the Office of National Statistics including percentage change and index versions. Data Annual data in The GDP measure is a chained volume measure and is therefore real not nominal. Amounts are in 2009 £m. Extracted from . Process is recorded and automated in 2 bash explore more

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sources/traffic-2012-2016-partial-2017.xls Traffic violations data received from FOI requests. Contains data for years 2012-2016 and partial 2017. Overview Data is duplicated in 3 Excel sheets: I chose sheet 1 for further investigations - but it's worth to investigate this discrepancy explore more

CO2 PPM - Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

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CO2 PPM - Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. Data are sourced from the US Government's Earth System Research Laboratory, Global Monitoring Division. Two main series are provided: the Mauna Loa series (which has the longest continuous series since 1958) and a Global Average series (a global explore more

10y UK Government Bond Yields (long-term interest rate)

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10 year nominal yields on UK government bonds from the bank of England. The 10 year government bond yield is considered a standard indicator of long-term interest rates. This is a direct extract from the Bank of [England IUAAMNPY series: "Annual average yield from British Government Securities, 10 explore more

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