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Bibliographic data

Existing databases or services providing substantial bibliographic data

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Climate Change

A collection of the most important "general" datasets on climate change.

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Demographics (population)

Population data and data analytics.

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Economic Data and Indicators

A collection of economic indicators available on DataHub.

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US education data

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A collection of awesome football datasets including national teams, clubs, match schedules etc.

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GeoJSON datasets available on DataHub.

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Health Care Data

Ready-to-use datasets on DataHub about Health Care.

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Datasets re Inflation

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Linked Open Data

An overview of the Linked Open Data datasets.

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Ready-to-use logistics datasets - explore, download and use in your tool!

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Machine Learning / Statistical

Examples of machine learning datasets.

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Movies and TV

Various resources for Movies and TV data

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Open Corporates

Open Database of corporate entities.

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Property Prices

Property Prices Datasets available on DataHub.

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Reference Data

Easy-to-use reference data in CSV and JSON formats.

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Stock Market Data

Find and Explore ready-to-use Stock Market Datasets.

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War and Peace

Data on inter-state conflicts, international relations and other correlates of war including fatalities.

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Wealth, Income and Inequality

Data and analysis on Wealth, Income and Inequality

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World Bank

An overview of the World Bank data holdings.

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YAGO3 is a huge semantic knowledge base, derived from Wikipedia WordNet and GeoNames.

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