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datahub is the fastest way for individuals and teams to find, share and publish high quality data online

Publish and Deploy your Data

Power and simplicity - data is the fastest way for individuals, teams and organizations to publish, deploy and share their data.

Quality Data ready to Integrate

Data as you’d want to use it.

  • High quality data ready to inspect, download and use read more ›
  • Bulk and API access ready for automated integration with SDKs in Python, JS and many more read more ›
  • Send a request if you need a help to find some good, quality dataset
  • Frictionless Data format: Data Package

DataOS: Open source framework for processing/wrangling data

Automate your data processes with our open source framework

  • Completely open source with professiona maintainence and supported
  • End-to-end solution with all parts are fully integrated
  • Not just tools but a standardized approach and pattern for working with your data

Learn more about DataOS

Hire us to build and improve your data-driven project

We have decades of experience building data systems for clients large and small.

  • Automate data collection, integration and presentation
  • Build dashboards and visualizations
  • Scrape, clean and normalize data
  • Build data portals and platforms whether bespoke or using products like CKAN (our CEO designed and built CKAN)