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  datapackage.json   data.csv
   ~/my-data $ data push
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Some of our most popular data

CO2 PPM - Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

co2-ppm | files 7 | 300kB

CO2 PPM - Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. Data are sourced from the US Government's Earth System Research Laboratory, Global Monitoring Division. Two main series are provided: the Mauna Loa series (which has the longest continuous series since 1958) and a Global Average series (a global explore more

US House Price Index (Case-Shiller)

house-prices-us | files 2 | 363kB

Case-Shiller Index of US residential house prices. Data comes from S&P Case-Shiller data and includes both the national index and the indices for 20 metropolitan regions. The indices are created using a repeat-sales methodology. Data As per the home page for Indices on S&P website: > The explore more

Gold Prices (Monthly in USD)

gold-prices | files 2 | 73kB

Monthly gold prices since 1950 in USD (London market). Data is sourced from the Bundesbank. Data Bundesbank statistic page Notes from the Source General: 1 ounce of fine gold = 31.1034768g. Method of calculation: Since 1 April 1968, calculated from the daily morning fixing; From January 1950 to 21 explore more

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Simple Graph Spec Tutorial

simple-graph-spec | files 2 | 68kB

This is an example dataset, that demonstrates how to build the simple and nice graphs using the "Simple Graph Spec". We are using CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) time-series dataset for 2015-2016 as an example to create line and bar charts. Views We assume that you are familiar with what explore more

Vega Graph Spec Tutorial - US presidents

vega-views-tutorial-lines | files 3 | 9kB

This is an example dataset, that demonstrates how to build visualizations using the "Vega Graph Spec". We are using lifelines of the first 5 presidents of the US - one of the examples from vega editor - and displaying it here, on DataHub with small modifications in vega-spec. Views We assume that explore more

GeoJSON Tutorial

geojson-tutorial | files 2 | 12kB

This is an example dataset that demonstrates how to package up GeoJSON data and display it on the map. We are using GeoJSON data for United Kingdom. Views We assume that you are familiar with what datapackage.json is and its specifications. To display your GeoJSON data on the map you should explore more