Datasets in zip format

October 19th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

We are now generating compressed versions of datasets so users can download a dataset as a single file. You can find it in the “Data Files” table in the showcase page. For example, you can have a...

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Previews for large datasets

October 18th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

We are now generating preview versions of large datasets so your web browser does not crash by loading large amount of data. The preview versions consist of first 5k rows of datasets (if a dataset...

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Vega views upgrade - now using v3

October 17th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

As you know publishers can create various views using Vega visualizations in DataHub (learn more about views here). We have just upgraded our platform to use Vega...

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Excel Files on the DataHub: Automated Previews and Data Extraction

October 16th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

In this tutorial, we will explain how to push Excel data to the DataHub. When an Excel file is pushed, we can extract data from selected sheets for previewing and downloading in alternative...

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Data Package v1 Specifications. What has Changed and how to Upgrade

October 11th, 2017       Meiran Zhiyenbayev

This post walks you through the major changes in the Data Package v1 specs compared to pre-v1. It covers changes in the full suite of Data Package specifications including Data Resources and Table...

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How much space are you using?

October 4th, 2017       Anuar Ustayev

We’ve just added the functionality some basic information on how many datasets you have and how much space you are using.

You can see this information by logging in and visiting your...

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